Oregon Biomass


Oregon Biomass

It is now the harvest season for the Hemp industry. Millions of pounds of biomass are currently drying and being readied for processing. This harvest will continue throughout the month and will finish around mid-November.

From now until as late as next May, these harvested crops must be processed into different states depending on the order specifications. Some buyers will be interested in simply purchasing the raw material or “biomass” but most, want processed materials either in the form of oil (Crude) or ISO (Isolate). Cost is dictated by the process with ISO demanding the highest price.

ISO, a powder, is CBD in its purest form. Depending on the time of year, ISO commands $4,000-$6,000/kilo. Refining ISO requires special machinery and know how and is an expensive and sometimes time consuming process. 3 or 4 steps are required to turn a hemp plant into ISO.

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